Privacy Policy

1. Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA’s undertaking

Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA makes a fundamental undertaking to uphold the privacy and protect the personal data of the clients (“Clients”) of its products and services and the users of its institutional “Site” (

Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA, encourages you to read this Privacy Policy and its respective updates. In case of modification of this Privacy Policy, the date of the most recent version, available at the top of this page, shall also be updated.

2. Entity in charge of data processing

In the framework of its business activity Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA is the entity in charge of collecting and processing your personal data, and may resort to subcontracted entities for the pursuit of the purposes listed in this document.

3. What is personal data?

Personal Data is any information of any nature and in any medium, relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. A person is considered to be identifiable if they can be directly or indirectly identified, for example by means of their name, identification number, location data, electronic identifier or other elements that make it possible to identify that natural person.

4. What categories of personal data do we collect and process?

Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA collects and processes the following personal data:

  • Identification: Name; identification document number; Tax Identification Number; nationality; date of birth
  • Contacts: Address; telephone contact; E-mail address
  • Profile: Nationality; Country of residence; date of birth; gender; civil status; number of children
  • Interests: Transaction history; hobbies; loyalty cards
  • Electronic interactions: IP address; device identifiers and cookies.

5. Form and timing of the collection of personal data

When and how will we collect your personal information?

We collect personal data, subject to your consent, or when you purchase products or services from Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA that may assume various forms:

  • Orally or via a phone call;
  • In person;
  • E-mail;
  • Web site

Your personal information may also be collected from publicly available sources or other sources, such as travel agents or online booking platforms, whose responsibility for ensuring data protection and information security equally applies.

6. Grounds, Purposes and Duration of Processing of Personal Data

Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA processes your data for specific purposes and on the basis of the legal framework in force. Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA uses your data based on the following grounds and for the following purposes:

On grounds of Implementation of the contract and pre-contractual procedures, we collect and process personal data for the purposes of:

  • Management of reservations and stays;
  • Requests for price quotations, information and confirmation of bookings;
  • Management of bookings and stays;
  • Factoring, payment collection and management;
  • Providing information necessary for your stay at the hotel, related to services or the provision of products;
  • Customer Support Services

On grounds of your Consent (in the event that you are not our customer), we will process your data for the purposes of:

  • Marketing initiatives or the sale of new services or products;
  • Sending newsletters;
  • Loyalty Programmes

On grounds of Compliance with a legal obligation, we process your data for the purposes of:

  • Complaints management;
  • Communication of data to police, judicial, fiscal or regulatory entities;

Because you are our customer, and on the basis of our legitimate interest in terms of providing a better service, we shall process your data for the purposes of:

  • Opinion, evaluation and satisfaction surveys;
  • Carrying out market studies and statistical analyses;
  • Scheduling contacts.

The collected data are processed and stored in a computerised database, constituted and maintained by the Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA or entities contracted by it, in strict compliance with the legislation in force.

In the event of an insufficiency or inaccuracy of the data collected by the website, Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA may prevent the provision of services, transactions or information requested by you. Likewise, where there is a legal or contractual obligation to be complied with, the failure to provide personal data may give rise to a breach of the obligation in question.

Your personal data will be processed by Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA only for the period of time necessary to achieve the defined purpose or, depending on the applicable context, until you exercise your right of opposition, the right to be forgotten or withdraw your consent. Once the respective conservation period has expired Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA will eliminate the data or render it anonymous, unless the data must be kept for a different purpose that may still persist.

There are cases in which the law requires the processing and storage of data for a minimum period of time, for example data necessary for informing the Tax Authorities for accounting or tax purposes, or data relating to commercial bookkeeping, that must be kept for 10 years, and data for the purpose of combatting money laundering and terrorist financing, that must be kept for 7 years.

Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA will process and maintain your personal data for the period in which it maintains a contractual relationship with you. Regarding video surveillance of its premises Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA will only keep the recordings of images and your personal data for a maximum period of 30 days.

7. Transmission of Personal Data

Your data may be transmitted to subcontractors for them to handle in the name, and on behalf of Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA, with respect for the principle of confidentiality and the purposes for which they were collected, in particular:

  • “on-line” booking platforms;
  • Similar entities owned by the Group that owns Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA;

In this case, Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA will take the necessary contractual measures to ensure that the subcontractors respect and protect the Customer’s personal data.

Data may also be transmitted to third parties - entities other than Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA or subcontractors - if the data owner has provided its consent to this effect, or to entities to whom the data must be communicated by law, such as the tax authority.

8. Rights of the personal data owner

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA guarantees the right of access, rectification, deletion, portability, opposition to the collection and processing of your personal data, and also guarantees the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data.

The personal data owner also has the right to submit a complaint to the company as well as to the supervisory authority, the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (National Data Protection Commission).

These rights may be exercised free of charge, except in the case of a manifestly unfounded or excessive request, in which case a reasonable fee may be charged in function of the costs. In order to exercise your rights, you must use the following address:

The response to requests should be provided within a maximum of 30 days, unless it is a particularly complex request.

9. Security measures

Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA has taken suitable logical, physical, organisational and security measures necessary and sufficient to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, alteration, dissemination, unauthorized access or any other form of accidental or unlawful processing.

10. International transfers

In certain types of data processing, the personal data collected by Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA may be made available to third parties and may involve their transfer outside the European Economic Area. In this event, Rui Roboredo Madeira, Vinhos, SA undertakes to ensure that the transfer complies with the applicable legal provisions, in particular regarding the determination of the suitability of such country as regards data protection and the requirements applicable to such transfers.